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Wincanton marks 1,000 days without a Lost Time Incident

Wincanton, the official warehousing and transport service partner for the construction of EDF’s Hinkley Point C nuclear power station, recently achieved a major health and safety milestone at its site in Bridgwater as it marked 1,000 days without a Lost Time Incident (LTI).

Since the contract began in 2018 Wincanton has controlled the storage, handling, asset tracking and transportation for incoming materials for Hinkley Point C from multiple warehouse locations across the south-west. This includes materials as diverse as soil samples through to the 23.2 tonne pipes that form part of the reactor cooling system.

An active safety culture, driven by education, awareness and engagement is at the heart of the service Wincanton provides. Its outstanding health and safety record sets it apart from competition and leads industry standards in the UK.

Becky Krajniewski, Account Manager at Wincanton, said: “We carry out a daily safety brief each morning which discusses all activities for the day, visitors, safety roles, security concerns and what went well or didn’t go well from the day before.

“We’ve created a culture where colleagues feel confident to challenge each other, and visitors, if rules are not being followed.”

One of the keys to success are fortnightly ‘toolbox talks’, which cover updated responses for every type of incident. These talks have improved communication and ensured staff at all Wincanton sites across the contract, are kept up to date with project developments on its way to achieving its 1,000 days-without-an-LTI milestone.

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