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Blueloop Limited signs Armed Forces Covenant

Blueloop Limited proudly announces its commitment to honouring and supporting the armed forces community by signing the Armed Forces Covenant. The covenant, a symbolic gesture of solidarity and support, reflects Blueloop Limited’s dedication to upholding the welfare and fair treatment of service personnel and their families.

Having signed the covenant, Blueloop Limited pledges to actively consider the unique circumstances of armed forces personnel in its policies and practices. This commitment extends across various facets, including employment, education, healthcare, and societal integration, ensuring that veterans and their families receive equitable opportunities and support.

“We are honoured to sign the Armed Forces Covenant, demonstrating our unwavering support for those who have selflessly served our country,” said Jon Gerdes, Managing Director, “At Blueloop Limited, we recognise the invaluable skills and sacrifices of military personnel and are committed to creating an inclusive and supportive environment for them within our organisation.”

Blueloop Limited’s signing of the covenant signifies our dedication to action, fostering a culture of appreciation and inclusion for armed forces personnel. By embracing the covenant’s principles, Blueloop Limited joins a nationwide effort to ensure that veterans and their families receive the respect and support they rightfully deserve.

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