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Yeovil College offers digital bootcamps to support SMEs

Yeovil College, in partnership with the West of England Institute of Technology, is running a series of training programmes aimed at SMEs in the region.  These Digital Bootcamps are open to anyone aged 19 or over and are free if the individual self refers. 

The aim of the programmes is to provide new skills to enable people to either move into employment or gain vital knowledge enabling progression within their company.  Employers are then asked to offer an interview or ‘super appraisal’ following the training, showing the programme that has been undertaken is suitable for future growth.

Upcoming programmes include:

Digital Marketing –

Starts: 18/11/21.  three hours per week (6pm-9pm) every Thursday.  Some of this learning will be delivered through Teams Tutor Led, real time. Project Lead: Adrian Ponter

Key Learning:

  • Principles of digital marketing
  • Digital marketing strategies
  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing and creative content using Adobe software
  • Display and video advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Analytics, search engine optimisation, website optimisation.


Starts: mid-late October. three hrs per week (5pm-8pm) every Tuesday.  Project Lead: Chris Caldwell

Key Learning:

  • Solid modelling tools and techniques
  • Creation of engineering drawings
  • Use of splicing software
  • 3D Printed structures
  • Material classification and selection
  • Printing parameters
  • Production of 3D components

Spaces are limited, so please refer via website, or contact Alison Washbourne: 0740 255 4599,

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