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WPA’s Health app redesigned with even more features for customers

The WPA Health app has evolved to become more intuitive, dynamic and informative with updated features to help customers access and benefit from their health scheme.

Keeping ahead of the competition, WPA Health is in a state of continuous evolution while becoming a convenient and quicker alternative to the telephone, giving customers greater flexibility in how they interact with WPA.

The stand-out features of WPA Health continue to be present, including making a cash plan claim in seconds, pre-authorising new PMI claims and receiving an instant decision without needing to talk to anyone at WPA. The new and improved design makes administration even easier, allowing customers to track the progress of their claims and communicate with WPA through a number of methods – including messaging and WhatsApp.

As well as the great new design which makes navigation even easier, WPA have also launched a host of new features in the app to improve customer experience:
• Viewing GP availability and booking video or telephone appointments
• A new health and wellbeing section to mirror invaluable health information articles and videos on the WPA Health and Wellbeing hub website
• WPA member offers, with numerous discounts on an extensive range of health services (rolled out on the secure My WPA portal a few months ago)

Clare Sampson, WPA’s Head of Business Process, said: “This latest WPA Health app development improves the features, feel and user experience – all, as a result of customer feedback: we’ve listened.

“WPA Health is our customers’ digital option, something which is becoming increasingly popular. In 2022, there has been a 50% increase in WPA Health app logins and 47% of active customers are using WPA Health. We also recognise that personal telephone conversations are important and we’re answering the phone, on average, within 83 seconds.”

Victoria Watts, Head of Corporate Healthcare at Howden Employee Benefit & Wellbeing, said: “Touch of a button has become reality with the WPA Health App. With its intuitive feel, customers have greater choice, control and convenience with how they make the most of their WPA benefits at any time of the day or night.

“Leveraging the latest technologies, customers can book GP appointments, pre-authorise PMI and make cash plan claims without needing to speak to someone at WPA. I really like the fact that customers do not have to download multiple apps; everything is in one place.”

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