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WPA launches Complete Health for individuals and families

WPA has launched a new programme called Complete Health to “redefine the traditional approach to health insurance and empower customers to have a personalised health insurance solution aligned with their unique requirements”.

With flexibility in mind, there are benefit, pricing and deductible options to suit all budgets and needs.

Key Features include:

  • A plethora of cover combinations which include primary, secondary and health and wellbeing benefits, supported with both no claims discounts and pooled risk pricing
  • Complete Health has no maximum joining age
  • Harnessing WPA’s innovative technologies, Complete Health presents customers with an array of intuitive tools to manage benefits effortlessly and stay seamlessly connected with the WPA health app
  • Complete Health is backed up by WPA’s independently and externally audited service excellence credentials – WPA is a Which? Recommended Provider – the only medical insurer to achieve such recognition and consistently leads the Trustpilot independent review platform for Health Insurance providers. Complete Health recently scored a 9.7/10 score from MyTribe.
  • Tailored underwriting options

Sharon Shier, WPA Head of Retail and Commercial and Product Development, said: “Complete Health is not just insurance; it’s a paradigm shift, a commitment to customer-centricity and a testament to the power of technology-driven evolution.

“This innovative approach places customers in the driver’s seat, allowing them to craft their medical insurance policy, select benefits, and determine pricing that resonates with their family’s evolving needs.”

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