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WPA kicks off #Recharge January – a three-week journey to body, plate and mindset mastery

WPA has launched #Recharge January, a dynamic initiative aimed at energising and revitalising its people and customers after the festive season.

The programme includes:

January 8- 14: Body Week – learn the value of tuning in with our bodies, discovering refreshing ways to rejuvenate after the festive season

January 15-21: Plate Week – revitalise diets with healthy and simple recipes showcased in our new recipe hub

January 22-28: Mind Week – explore mindfulness techniques and mental health podcasts to enhance wellbeing and #Recharge minds

Supporting #Recharge, WPA is continuing its work with five-time Olympian, Jo Pavey, and her inspiring running tips and initiatives.

In addition, the company has partnered with the Headstrong podcast featuring Joe Wicks, advocating that listeners address vulnerabilities and get people to talk about their mental health.

On top of these, wellness consultant Annie Clarke, is providing a video series full of relaxing yoga and mindfulness techniques to help anyone who needs to de-stress. WPA has also published five of Annie’s health-conscious recipes to kickstart the New Year.

Promoting physical wellbeing in January, WPA will include activities such as staff health checks and a smoothie bike for ‘Plate Week’ where staff, with a range of fresh ingredients, will be able to blend their favourite #Recharge smoothies while cycling.

There will also be significant new content on the WPA health and wellbeing hub, a treasure trove of useful videos and articles, available to all, to nudge individuals beyond WPA to a healthier lifestyle.

Mark Southern, WPA’s Sales and Marketing Director, said: “Many of us start the New Year with the best of intentions – getting fit, losing weight or just feeling a bit better about ourselves”.

“Join us in embracing #Recharge January towards a healthier, more energised and more productive 2024; putting a spring in our step, well before spring arrives.”

Annie Clarke added: “To feel our best, we need to think about our wellbeing holistically. Finding an approach that supports both our bodies and minds is important at any time of the year, but especially during the winter months where we can really focus on diet, movement and mindful practices to support ourselves in navigating whatever 2024 will bring.”

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