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Weston College Accelerate partnership having positive impact

In February, Weston College in partnership with local project partners, including North Somerset Council, The Food and Drink Forum and North Somerset Enterprise Agency, launched Accelerate – which is funded by the UK Government through the UK Community Renewal Fund.

Three months later, and with over 35 sessions already completed, Accelerate is having a really positive impact in the county.

The sessions are delivered by industry experts and trainers focussing on key themes, such as business planning, digital support, sustainability, green agenda, mental health and wellbeing.

The Head of UK Sales and Procurement, for Probo Medical, Dani Langson, has attended four sessions to date, and has found them hugely beneficial. North Somerset based Dani, said: “The sessions have been really informative, I have found those delivering them very knowledgeable as well, which has certainly helped me with my own personal development.

“As a National Sales Manager, remotely managing a team in a very busy industry, I struggle to find time for my own development. I am keen to be a good manager, leader and a positive influence to my team and the wider business – something which I feel that the Accelerate sessions have helped me to achieve.

“The sessions have been easy to sign up to, with a few simple clicks a digital invite was sent to my diary. The sessions I attended were only 2 hours long, making them easy to accommodate, but a lot of content was packed into this.

“Training and Upskilling is so important, no matter how long you have been in a position, business or industry. It is easy to fall into habits or set ways of working without realising. I cannot recommended the Accelerate Programme enough and only hope they continue to offer these sessions to the local community.”

Sessions are only running until the end of June, click here for more information.

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