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Students given insight into electric vehicles at Tesla

Automotive students from Bridgwater & Taunton College were invited to visit Tesla’s new store in Exeter, where there were  given an insight into some Tesla models and given a presentation about potential career paths.

During the day, both at the Tesla store and at the college, students had the opportunity to explore Tesla’s latest electric vehicles up close. They engaged in interactive sessions, gaining first-hand knowledge about the technology, design, and engineering that underpin the electric vehicles.

The students also had the chance to ask in-depth questions about electric vehicles (EV), learning directly from Tesla’s experts about the intricacies of EV technology and the future of automotive innovation.

“Going to the new Tesla showroom was an insightful experience. It gave me more knowledge of how advanced Tesla is as a company. I got to see inside the Tesla workshop, and the employees were enthusiastic to answer our questions. The entire experience was exciting and engaging overall,” student Leo said.

The Tesla team provided insights into the importance of electric vehicles in tackling environmental challenges and the role they play in the future of transportation. Students also learned about career opportunities in the EV sector, aligning with BTC’s commitment to providing industry-relevant education and practical experiences.

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