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Stone King expert gives welcome advice on income thresholds and immigration

The Government’s plan to cut net migration has led to confusion, with a changing picture on income thresholds.

Stone King’s head of immigration Julie Moktadir (pictured) gives an up-to-date overview on the proposed changes to the immigration system, which were announced by Home Secretary James Cleverly in December:

“The minimum salary for skilled workers overall will be raised to £38,700 from April 2024. A significant number of vacancies across most sectors will no longer be eligible for sponsorship,” said Julie.

“This salary increase will not apply to those in health and care roles or those on national pay scales (including teachers) who will continue to benefit from a lower minimum salary in recognition of sector shortages.

“Skilled workers who are already in the UK will not need to meet the £38,700 salary when they change sponsor, extend or settle.

“The shortage occupation list, which identifies roles with UK skills shortage and allows a 20% salary discount, will be reformed and/or replaced no earlier than April.

“Sponsorship may not be possible for current shortage vacancies (dependant on salary).

“British citizens and people settled in the UK will need to document a minimum income of £29,000 from “Spring 2024” before they can bring their partner and/or children from overseas – a significant increase on the current threshold of £18,600.

“The minimum income will eventually rise to £38,700 but no timeline has been given for this. The new income does not need to be met by those who already live in the UK and need to extend their visa.”

The Government’s plan on reducing net migration can be read here.

Stone King’s Immigration Team advises on a wide range of immigration issues for business, charities, education and private clients and can be contacted here.

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