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Rags to riches - GTE Training Academy MD reveals his story to motivate others

Kevin Browning, Managing Director of Global Tunnelling Experts and GTE Training Academy based in North Somerset, has unveiled his life story in an autobiography he hopes will motivate others to aim high when it comes to business.

From working as a shepherd on the Falkland Islands to becoming a respected and successful businessman, Kevin Browning reveals his extraordinary rags to riches story in his book No Ordinary Man.

The book covers everything from his loveless abusive childhood, the invasion of his homeland and being held in captivity as a civilian prisoner of war, to how he became a hugely respected industry leader.

Kevin takes his readers on a journey from humble beginnings in the Falkland Islands to the present day working and living in the UK. In his book he talks about the past and the future and includes boardroom challenges, tough negotiations and tales of doing business around the globe.

He said: “I came from a tough upbringing and have done pretty well for myself, despite the odds being stacked against me. My main purpose for writing the book was to show people that if you’re not happy with the cards you’re dealt with you can change them and you don’t have to let your past rule who you are today.

“It’s also about grabbing opportunities and demonstrating how hard work and determination really can pay off. It shows that even those of us who had limited education, no money and little direction, can become successful.

“If my story can motivate just one person to move on from a troubled past, or inspire someone without much of an academic education to go on to better their life, it will have been worth it. I hope it also instils confidence.

“Some people don’t go for things because they are afraid of making mistakes or are afraid of failure, I hope my book shows it doesn’t matter if you make mistakes as long as you learn from them. I’m a great believer in – if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again!”

No Ordinary Man also reveals how, as a member of the Leaders’ Council, Kevin is pushing for change in employment to allow experience and ability to overrule academic qualifications and provide opportunities for those who may otherwise be discounted in the employment selection process.

No Ordinary Man is available from Amazon price £9.99.

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