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Path Financial named as one of the most sustainable companies in the world

Ethical finance firm Path Financial has been named a 2022 Best for the World B Corp, making it one of the most sustainable companies in the world.

Path Financial is the first and only national financial advisory firm in the UK set up specifically to tackle the climate crisis. The firm’s Financial Planner, Luke Sword, works with local families, couples and individuals to help them align their pensions and investments with their values, investing only in companies and funds that are actively supporting solutions to the world’s problems. 

Best for the World is a distinction granted by the global network B Lab to certified B Corporations (B Corps) – businesses that meet the highest standards of positive social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.  Every year, Best for the World recognises the top-performing B Corps, creating the greatest positive impact through their businesses.

To become B Corp certified, businesses must complete an impact assessment covering five areas – community, customers, environment, governance, and workers. Best for the World companies are those whose impact scores rank in the top 5% of all B Corps in their corresponding size group. Path Financial secured B Corp status with an impressive 99.1 impact score, and the firm is one of just 166 companies globally to be named Best for the World.

Luke, who is originally from Frome, said: “I’m thrilled that we’ve been named as a Best for the World B Corp – it shows that we’re truly committed to making a difference for people and planet.

“Lots of companies are guilty of what’s known as ‘greenwashing’ – misleading people by labelling themselves as ‘ethical’ or ‘green’ as a marketing tactic. The B Corp badge is the sustainability gold standard and offers a way for consumers to easily find businesses who are as ethical as they say they are.

Local people are demanding greater accountability and they’re keen to ensure that their money is aligned with their values. It might not be the most obvious way of reducing your carbon footprint, but how you save and invest your money can make a huge difference to the climate. I hope to help many more people in the local area to think about the impact that their money has on the wider world.”

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