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Local social enterprise lender launches second social impact report

Lendology CIC, working with council partners, provide access to low cost, responsible finance.  Unlikely other lenders, Lendology make their decisions with people, for people and put impact before profit. 

The CIC’s second Annual Social Impact Report has been prepared to evidence how this translates into tangible improvements to individuals, communities, and councils across the UK.  The Report has been independently audited by The Financial Inclusion Centre, a not-for-profit research organisation, to verify the results. 

With over 51% of households in the Southwest not having access to emergency savings, over 11% of households in fuel poverty and 24.2% excess winter deaths each year, the Report highlights the stark challenges already faced in the region, even before the energy and cost of living crisis hits this winter.

Healthy homes are critical to the health and wellbeing of its occupants and reduce the impact on local services, such as the NHS.  Housing is a ‘social determinant of health’ that can dramatically impact physical and mental health inequalities throughout life.  Ensuring homeowners have access to fair finance to maintain their homes means that homes are kept healthy for the families who live within them.

Emma Lower, CEO at Lendology, said: “2021-22 was our best year on record for lending with over £1.7million lent to homeowners to enable the provision of home repairs, improvements, adaptations or energy efficiency and renewable energy measures.  However, as a Social Enterprise we look beyond the numbers, and the case studies throughout the report highlight how affordable finance has transformed lives with improved living conditions and better health and wellbeing as a result.  The standout figure for me is that for every £1 invested by councils in the scheme, £2.58 of impact is generated locally”

Read the full Social Impact Report:

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