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AB Heritage approved as Historic Environment Service Provider with the Institute for Historic Building Conservation

The Institute for Historic Building Conservation (IHBC) has accepted AB Heritage into its Historic Environment Service provider scheme (HESPR).

The HESPR scheme provides an invaluable resource for clients looking to connect with experts across a number of heritage disciplines by providing a directory of companies who are recognised as working to the high standards expected by the IHBC, through their Designated Service Adviser (DSA).

Under the HESPR scheme, AB Heritage has been recognised as being expert providers of archaeology, historic research, historic area assessments and conservation planning.

The HESPR approval sits alongside AB Heritage’s accreditation as a registered organisation for the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists, the professional organisation that sets and monitors quality standards for commercial archaeology in the UK.

Andy Buckley, MD, said: “We are delighted to have been approved for inclusion in this important resource for the industry. AB Heritage has over 13 years’ experience of helping clients across the UK to balance the needs of heritage legislation with delivering their successful development goals.

“Being a member of this scheme will help us reach and serve more clients. As an HESPR company AB Heritage now offers 15 minutes of free expert advice and guidance, and we would be delighted to hear from clients.”

AB Heritage was incorporated in Taunton in 2010 and now supports clients’ heritage planning across the UK. Heritage Consultants deliver a full range of heritage reports required for planning and the design and management of programmes of archaeology from regional offices in London, Leeds, Newcastle and Exeter.  In the South West, the senior heritage consultant and main contact is Paul Cooke.

More information about AB Heritage is available online at

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