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The business world faces unprecedented change. Thinking ahead, listening and helping deliver innovative solutions are the watchwords for hgkc in working with clients to achieve exceptional performance.

We deliver practical and expert advice on leadership, innovation, exit planning and succession so that our clients can overcome their challenges. Our mission is to give our clients the wherewithal to plan comprehensively, the confidence to lead astutely and the ability to make critical decisions.

We deliver practical and expert advice so that our clients take their next step to reach their North Star. We have created our own North Star Diagnostic and People Diagnostic to help you understand where you are now, where you need to go, and how ready you are for the journey. These are accessible from our website home page,

We are research-led and use our knowledge, experience and specialist tools and techniques to enable ambitious businesses to succeed. Here’s an overview of some of our favourite tools, and our partners.

We use the Collins-Porras Vision Framework. It defines the essence of a good vision as consisting of Core Values and Beliefs, Purpose, and Mission (or BHAG!). Like all our Cool Tools, it is the thinking that is needed to write down your vision that derives most value.

We are unique in using Outcomes Mapping to identify the benefits to be gained from, and the initiatives required to deliver a Strategic Change or Business Growth programme, and to structure the thinking of those involved in delivering them.

We partner with Engagement Multiplier and DISCsimple to offer tools to help improve the way people communicate and work together, increase productivity and engagement, and establish a culture of innovation and inclusivity.

Scenario planning is a really cool tool to help you plan for what you don’t know that you don’t know. We work with you to develop alternative narratives about the future, many with improbable and radical twists, that will help you develop future-proof strategies.

Many business owners put a lifetime into their business but fail to think about what will happen to all their hard work when they choose to retire or want to do something else. Exit planning is taking the time to identify any problems that need fixing, developing your business so you can maximise its value, transitioning the business to others, and considering your personal wealth and legacy. We are not brokers, we don’t offer corporate finance or legal advice, but we partner with experts who do.

We partner with Emerge Digital to help our and their clients develop strategies for digital transformation that improve experiences for employees and customers, to develop new products and services, and to improve ways of working.

We run a regular Book Club, often inviting the author to join the discussion. We host regular roundtables for business owners to discuss subjects of interest under Chatham House rules.

We are purpose and values driven. Our purpose is to challenge our clients to evolve. Our values, and what they mean to us, are:
• Happiness – being happy doesn’t result from what you get but from what you give
• Giving – paying attention to the small things to make our clients feel valued
• Knowhow – living life, having experiences along the way and learning from them
• Challenging – if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you

What our clients say about us:
“hgkc have been there since my first serious venture outside the restaurants. I have been on a complex journey with them and learnt a lot. I would not work with any other consultants,” Leo Gallani, serial entrepreneur and owner of award-winning Il Michelangelo restaurants

“Their clarity of thought and capacity to challenge the status quo mean that nothing is ever quite as bad as it might first appear. I would recommend any ambitious business to consider hgkc – it is money well spent,” Jason Matthews, CEO, Lifecycle Technology

“If we didn’t have access to hgkc at the start of our journey, this business wouldn’t be where it is today,” Nicola Ray, Managing Director, Modern

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