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WPA launches healthcare scheme to help larger companies support female staff

WPA has launched a new healthcare scheme to help larger companies raise awareness, look after and support the needs of its female employees.

WPA LifeStage Health enables employers to facilitate access to expert healthcare to support women throughout the events that happen naturally and predictably during the course of their lives.

It also raises awareness and knowledge gives personalised insights to increase wellbeing and helps prevent those conditions that are avoidable. It recognises that for some, these different life stages can lead to physical and mental challenges that impact their wellbeing, their families and their careers.

  • 63% of women said their working life had been negatively affected by their menstrual symptoms
  • One in 10 women live with endometriosis, four in 10 women with endometriosis fear losing their job because of it, and over a third say they earn less because of it
  • Menopausal women are now the fastest growing workforce demographic. Almost eight out of 10 menopausal women are in work, three out of four women experience symptoms and one in four could experience serious symptoms leading them to consider leaving work

Sharon Shier, WPA’s Head of Product Development, said: “We wanted to design a solution to help raise awareness and break taboos around women’s health, not just around the menopause but across the distinct journey of being a woman.

“WPA LifeStage Health recognises the challenges that occur naturally throughout women’s lives including periods, contraception, fertility, pregnancy, as well as the peri and post menopause phases.

“LifeStage Health has been designed with flexibility in mind, allowing companies to supplement existing healthcare benefits or as a standalone benefit for those not currently within the company scheme. By offering it to staff (and their families), companies are likely to improve retention and recruitment while supplementing their diversity and inclusion strategy.”

Brian Goodman, WPA’s Executive Director of Large Corporate Customers, added: “We anticipate this being the first of a number of LifeStage products that recognise and support diversity within the workforce. The power of LifeStage Health is its ability to flex the benefits to complement corporate healthcare strategies.”

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