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Weston College tutor creates 'how to' video to make facemasks

Following a recent Government press conference, the Prime Minister has suggested that wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) in the form of face masks will be part of the UK’s Coronavirus lockdown exit strategy.

In response to Boris Johnson’s announcement, staff at Weston College have created a helpful video to demonstrate how to make your own personal face mask, which can be found here:

The idea for the video came after Nicola Stent, who teaches A Level textiles at Weston College Sixth Form, began using her skills to create face masks for local key workers such as Neighbourhood Care in Burnham-On-Sea. 

Following requests from friends and neighbours, Nicola came up with the idea of filming a ‘How to’ video, encouraging the public to make their own in order to ease the pressure on the supply of these essential resources.  

In response, Principal and Chief Executive of Weston College Group, Dr Paul Phillips CBE, has decided to launch more community-based projects through other ‘How to’  videos. 

Dr Paul said: “Firstly, I’d like to thank Nicola for using strong initiative and applying her skills to offer invaluable assistance. 

“This sparked the idea surrounding community-based learning, home DT projects or DIY projects for families and essential skill sharing. This will involve staff and students producing a series of helpful ‘How to’ videos in order to encourage new skills and hobbies throughout the local area during lockdown.” 

Examples of these videos will include a face visor using materials that are easy to get hold of, as well as a basic face mask that can be made from a T-shirt. These projects are an easy way to engage the whole family, making great DT projects to occupy school age children and to help in keeping people safe. 

The college is appealing for links to the videos to be shared in local and regional news stories, as much as possible on social media, so the South West can lead the way in helping the nation in both keeping safe and being prepared, when the lockdown is eventually eased, to kick start the economy again.

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