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UCW student Kam wins top education award

University Centre Weston (UCW) student, Kamalitajah Stevens, who is known as Kam, was successfully named the Association of College’s (AoC) Higher Education Student of the Year winner this week, in front of a packed crowd at the ICC, Birmingham.

The annual AoC Student of the Year awards celebrate students who stand out from the crowd, have gone above and beyond, whether in college or their local community.

Corrienne Peasgood, President of the Association of Colleges, said: “Each year the level of applications is extremely high, and it goes to show the fantastic work that students are doing in colleges as well as the lengths colleges go to support their students. Well done Kam on winning you should be extremely proud.”

Kam (pictured) is a truly inspirational learner. His life started in a challenging place, experiencing hardships and difficulties all through his childhood and school life. Kam was even incarcerated at one stage.

Despite these setbacks at the beginning, later on in life Kam made the decision to enter university. At UCW he has thrived, achieving excellent grades and fantastic feedback from his lecturers.

Kam’s favourite course module is ‘professional development’ which he describes as “intellectually stimulating and directly aligning with his interests and career goals”. While at university, Kam was shortlisted for the AoC Higher Education Student of the Year award!

Kam was incredibly pleased at the news that he had been shortlisted saying: “When I received the news that I was selected as one of the final three candidates for the AoC HE Student of the Year awards, I was overwhelmed with a mix of emotions – excitement, gratitude, and a deep sense of accomplishment.”

Kam gave credit to his lecturers for helping to support him on this incredible journey: “My lecturers Ross Bliss, Richard Edkins and Sam Brooks have been exceptionally supportive throughout my journey. Their expertise, guidance, and willingness to support me in my endeavours have been instrumental in my educational and personal development. They’ve provided valuable insights, mentorship, and encouragement, which have enriched my learning experience.

“UCW’s facilities and equipment have been incredibly beneficial to my studies. Providing me with not just the hardware to excel in my chosen field but also the technical expertise and encouragement has significantly enhanced my learning experience. The university’s commitment to providing top-notch resources has made a tangible difference in my academic journey.”

Kam is proof that you are never too old for education: “Being a mature learner at UCW has been a positive and enriching experience. It’s allowed me to bring a unique perspective to class discussions, given my life experiences. The diverse academic environment has provided a platform for meaningful interactions and learning from peers of all ages and backgrounds.”

To find out more about UCW, please click here.

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