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Somerset joins cricket family's 'Together Through This Test' during lockdown

Somerset County Cricket Club has joined the campaign to celebrate over 200 cricket initiatives across the game in support of the nation during COVID-19.

A short film, narrated by cricket fan Stephen Fry, pays tribute to the response of the cricket family to the pandemic and thanks fans for their patience.

Somerset has joined the cricket family which has launched more than 200 initiatives at all levels of the game from long-distance charity runs, delivering food to the vulnerable and a phone support service for those left isolated during lockdown.

The club is proud to jointly launch ‘Together Through This Test’, a nationwide campaign to shine a light on how the cricket family has reached out to local communities during COVID-19.

The campaign will highlight some of the unsung heroes from across the professional and recreational game as well as providing updates on, as well as launching new, cricket-led initiatives that the general public can get involved in to help support their local community.

Somerset County Cricket Club has produced a limited edition shirt in support of Love Musgrove, turned on the club floodlights in recognition of the NHS as part of the #ClapForCarers campaign and launched Inside Edge, a dedicated resource to provide young Somerset supporters with relevant learning activities

Players have also taken part in the #MakeACall campaign, in which both players and staff contacted club members to talk about cricket and worked with the Somerset Cricket Board to support the recreational game with competitions and exclusive content.

‘Together Through This Test’ marks the collective response of cricket at all levels with a powerful short film, narrated by cricket fan Stephen Fry, that underlines the unique quality of a game where patience and digging in for the greater good is a virtue installed within all who play, watch and enjoy the sport.

Stephen Fry said: “It’s wonderful how patient everyone has been during this incredibly difficult time. Like many cricket fans, I long to hear the sound of leather on willow again, but while we wait it out, we do of course have to stick together and do what we can to support each other. It was a pleasure to be able to read Jimmy Lee’s poem which so wonderfully connects the national game with the national spirit.”

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