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Radio host returns to Huish for live broadcast of national show

Former Richard Huish College student Matt Chorley recently returned to campus to present his Times Radio Show. Attending Huish from 1999-2001 Matt was keen to become a journalist and started his own magazine for the college whilst a student to give him some experience in what he would go on to pursue. Now working for the Times, Matt has been a political journalist since 2005 and has worked for Press Association, Western Morning News, Independent on Sunday and MailOnline.

In June 2020 Matt began presenting his mid-morning show on Times Radio, the show, which has received a lot of praise and success, was presented live from the Richard Huish College campus for one day only, featuring Matt interviewing Huish students on the effects COVID-19 had on their studies, wellbeing and plans for the future post college.

After the show Matt hosted a Q&A session with media, politics and business students. Matt gave very helpful advice on steps to take in order to get into the journalism industry, touching on areas such as work experience and how to gain experience, creating your own content and some personal experiences that he has encountered along his journey.

Matt also spoke on how it felt returning to Huish: “It was brilliant being back at Huish today, 21 years after I left. It has changed a lot but I’m still very fond of the place. Thank you to the amazing bunch of students who’ve had a terrible two years during COVID.”

After his stop at Huish, Matt then headed over to the Brewhouse in Taunton as part of his ‘Who is in charge here?’ stand-up comedy tour, which features 24 different shows across the UK over the span of three months.

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