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New free workshops launched as part of the Somerset Innovation Network

New workshop dates have been launched as part of the Somerset Innovation Network – a fully-funded programme aimed at forward-thinking businesses in Somerset that seek to grow, develop and collaborate with other innovative organisations.

Run by neighbouring Chamber Business West, the Somerset Innovation Network is fully-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and Somerset Council, meaning there is no cost to businesses who are eligible for the programme.

Businesses in the aerospace, advanced engineering, low carbon or digital sectors are eligible to access these valuable virtual workshops. Under the guidance of expert speakers, the sessions are an opportunity for participants to receive valuable information and guidance, building key knowledge in topics such as: marketing strategy, sustainability, becoming ‘grant-ready’, and SEO, LinkedIn and website presence.

The interactive market strategyworkshop will give leaders the chance to determine how to effectively reach their intended target audience, while gaining a better understanding of the markets and where their business sits in the landscape.

The virtual session is an opportunity to get a fresh perspective on marketing activities, and will cover:

  • Target audience, market niche, and unique selling point (USP)
  • Marketing plan and messaging with target audience in mind
  • Testing business and marketing ideas in a collaborative group environment
  • One-to-one support from a business advisor

Businesses will be able to implement a new strategic plan that will improve marketing approaches and help identify better opportunities to reach customers – doing far more for far less.

In the context of a relaxed group environment, cost reduction through sustainability gives businesses the chance to share the positive environmental actions they are taking, explore ways to reduce costs through sustainable actions, and collaboratively formulate future sustainability plans.

During the three-hours, a business advisor will take participants through:

  • Why sustainability is relevant
  • How much carbon your business emits and ways to reduce energy costs
  • How businesses can reduce carbon emissions
  • Benefits and opportunities of progression to net zero
  • Incorporating net zero into business operations and planning

Improving your Linkedin, website and SEO aims to give attendees knowledge on the important digital marketing mechanisms that underpin their business, reinforcing that an effective online presence is vital to the success of a business.

Participants will discover how to:

  • Create a winning LinkedIn strategy to convert clients
  • Improve SEO and website leads
  • Effectively utilise an online presence that delivers the right messages to clients

Finally, the becoming grant readyworkshop breaks down the grant process to make it easier for business leaders to understand when applying. A Business Advisor will take participants through:

  • What makes a good grant application
  • The policies and procedures a business needs to implement to become grant ready
  • What funding is available to you in your field

The network aims to drive innovation in the area and make support for businesses easier to access, encouraging collaboration and innovation in the region by bringing together three innovation centres in Somerset: iAero in Yeovil, Digital Innovation Centre in Taunton (currently being built), and SEIC in Bridgwater.

You can find dates and availability of each workshop below:

To find out more about the Somerset Innovation Network visit:

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