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Sycamore Process Engineering forges energy saving partnership

Somerset-based Sycamore Process Engineering has partnered with Alfa Laval to help reduce the carbon footprint of dairy, food and beverage process equipment across the UK and Ireland.

The partnership aims to utilise the combined knowledge of Sycamore and Alfa Laval to support process solutions that are more cost effective and greener, helping customers to achieve their sustainability goals.

The recognised affiliation is the latest development in a series of collaborations between Sycamore and Alfa Laval, with the integration of a Clean-in-Place system at one of the largest dairies in the UK among the most recent developments.  The system proved a resounding success, resulting in significant reductions in cleaning time and increased overall productivity on site.

One of the key focuses of the design when selecting heat exchangers for  pasteurisation systems is minimising energy consumption via steam, water and power usage.  Regeneration systems can be integrated on site to harness previously wasted residual energy, saving on both environmental and economic costs for customers.

Alfa Laval is already providing training to staff members, upskilling internal knowledge which can then be passed on to clients to support sustainability goals.  Using tools such as efficiency calculators and other innovative technologies, the partnership aims to deliver increased efficiency and designs to the dairy, food, and beverage sectors across the UK and Ireland.

Paul Manning, Project Director, said: “Becoming an Authorised Integrator was the next natural step in the relationship between Sycamore and Alfa Laval.  Sycamore has supplied Alfa Laval parts on many successfully completed projects over the years, so we’re already very aware of the quality of their products.

“At Sycamore, we adopt a bespoke, flexible and agile approach to each project, working closely with in-house teams to effectively rise to the individual challenges faced by the dairy, food and beverage companies we serve.  Process solutions are designed from the ground up to suit the space available with the latest technology and energy efficiency as key considerations throughout.

“For dairy, food and beverage companies, this means that we’re able to provide the same high quality tailored solutions, but with the support and benefit that comes from a direct partnership with Alfa Laval.  Our aim has always been to support our customers in increasing the efficiency of their processes whilst lowering their environmental impact, and we are now able to do that with increased flexibility.”

Ben Green Food and Water Divisional Manger UK&I, added: “Alfa Laval is delighted to be starting our Authorised Integrator Partnership with Sycamore Process Engineering. With this collaboration, our aim is to support Sycamore with Alfa Laval’s wide range of products and engineered solutions to be installed within the food and beverage industries aligned with their systems and integration expertise.

“There are exciting opportunities for both Alfa Laval and Sycamore moving forward as we further develop our collaboration in delivering proven sustainable solutions to our customers and the food and beverage market.”

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