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Sycamore Process Engineering announces new partnership to bring designs and manufacturing to life

Sycamore Process Engineering has announced a new partnership with Danish-born automation experts Au2mate, who will bring the Sycamore end-to-end process solutions to life, through expert automation solutions.

Like Sycamore, Au2mate’s core values are based on teamwork and close relationships with customers.

Klaus Dam, Business Development Director at Au2mate said: “This partnership is a perfect strategic match with complementary competencies and offerings for mutual benefit for the dairy industry. Au2mate are experts in dairy processes, software design and PLC-SCADA-MES competencies.

“We offer 24/7 service and a live dairy plant used for training via the Au2mate Academy. We’ve already completed many successful partnerships with Sycamore, we’re looking forward to even more in the future.”

Sycamore is based in Somerset and provides process solutions within the dairy, food and beverage industries. The company strives for efficient, effective solutions, smarter processes, better results and, ultimately, engineering peace of mind. Working together, Au2mate will help Sycamore deliver just that and take business to the next level. 

Examples of where the two companies have worked together so far include a new soup kitchen expansion and CIP upgrade for one of Britain’s largest soups and sauces company. Sycamore provided the process design and installation while Au2mate completed the control system and assisted Sycamore with the commissioning and optimization of the new plant.

They have also completed a new state-of-the-art yogurt processing plant where Sycamore was responsible for the complete design and installation both mechanically and electrically. Au2mate then finished the automation element of the project that controlled the comprehensive design, bringing it to life.

As the partnership grows stronger it is clear to see that Sycamore are experts in process solutions and Au2mate are experts in process automation – the two are a natural fit, complimenting each other to offer a trustworthy, flexible and bespoke, end-to-end process engineering solutions for dairy, food and beverage brands in the UK and beyond.

Paul Manning, Project Director at Sycamore Process Engineering, said: “We’ve already worked on several projects with Au2mate and these have been a huge success, it felt like the natural next step to add another piece to the Sycamore puzzle.

“Our number one goal is always to offer our customers a seamless solution to their process requirements; automation is between 10 – 20 percent of our business so to have a company like Au2mate on hand to help power our process equipment and designs is a fantastic step forward for us.”

Winners of the 2019 Somerset Business Awards and members of Made in Britain, Sycamore has over 30 years of experience, a dedicated workforce and manufacturing facilities and prides itself on delivering quality projects to every customer, regardless of complexity, size or location.

Au2mate develops and supplies automation solutions for the process industry in Denmark and abroad. These solutions are prepared through teamwork and close partnerships with their customers, and they cover the entire range from complete automation projects to consultancy services and advice.

They have many years of experience in the field of process automation and have developed a structured work method. With tools for efficient knowledge-sharing, they guarantee rapid delivery of top-quality solutions at competitive prices.

More information about Sycamore Process Engineering is available here.

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