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South West accountant plays key role in merger of global accounting groups

Milsted Langdon partner Roger Isaacs has been appointed as the co-chair of the newly merged accountancy group, MGI Worldwide and CPAAI (CPA Associates International)

Roger was the chairman of MGI Worldwide and played a key role in the coming together of the two groups, working hard with members of both networks to forge a new relationship.

He has considerable experience in international mergers in his day-to-day role at the firm where he splits his time between its offices in the South West and London, when not travelling abroad on MGI business.

Working with both organisations he helped to negotiate terms that were sufficiently attractive for members of both organisations to vote overwhelmingly in favour of the merger.

Roger said: “I look forward to seeing how our newly merged organisation delivers, not just economies of scale, but a whole host of enhanced benefits for members that our increase in size will make possible. I am sure our new position in the market and our open, friendly approach will make us an attractive proposition for many other accountancy firms who I anticipate will be keen to join us.

“One of the most exciting aspects of the merger is that each merger partner has much to learn from the other.  The merged organisation will therefore be greater than the sum if its constituent two parts, taking the best bits from each of MGI and CPAAI.”

With more than 130 years in the accountancy market between the two groups, the merger is a landmark for the highly respected organisations and will create a network with a combined income of almost $1 billion.

The two groups have well-established markets, with CPAAI especially strong in the US, China and Mexico, while MGI Worldwide has a greater global reach.

 The deal was finalised at a global meeting in Dubai, UAE, where member firms voted overwhelmingly in favour of the coming together of the two firms – with many making use of the latest technology to respond and take part in discussions via live-streaming.

 The new organisation will be co-chaired by both Roger and Jim Holmes, the chairman of CPAAI. Clive Viegas Bennett will serve as CEO and Michael Parness as COO.

To find out more about each organisation and the merger, visit and

Pictured – Jim Holmes, International Chairman of CPAAI; Michael Parness, President of CPAAI; Clive Viegas Bennett, CEO of MGI Worldwide, and Roger Isaacs, Chairman of MGI Worldwide, celebrating the merger agreement at MGI Worldwide’s Annual Global Meeting in Dubai, UAE.

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