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SDS uses technology to help social-distancing around the office photocopier and printer

Businesses will need to start planning for a return to the office, but how will this work? How will social distancing around the office photocopiers and printers be managed? How will this effect productivity? Over the last few weeks the staff at SDS have been training on solutions for the “new normal”.

SDS has a range of tools that could be useful for businesses, some are included within existing office devices and SDS has prepared “how to” documents to show you how these features are switched on and used.

These will help companies better manage the office environment and reduce risk, not only while staff must keep apart, but also when social distancing is lifted.

The first tool is Konica Minolta’s user box feature, which is included with most devices. The user boxes can be configured for each user or each department. The user box can be configured to hold a print job electronically until collection when the user walks up to the device. This would greatly reduce the risk of the copier becoming a bottleneck for users.

SDS’s solution, PaperCut, can help with social distancing and reduce the number of times copier screens are touched, as staff can work with proximity cards which only release a job when the card authenticates the print job.

These features can also be helpful when users are working from home as colleagues can release jobs on their behalf allowing fewer office-based workers.

More information is available from SDS by emailing or by telephoning 01278 723784.

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