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School's virtual charity fundraiser raises more than £1,200 for Brainwave

Year 8 pupils at King’s Hall School used their creativity to ensure their usual charity fundraiser went ahead – albeit virtually – and raised more than £1,200 for the charity Brainwave.

As with many other aspects of school life this term, pupils and staff began toying with the idea of creating a virtual version of the traditional Year 8 Charity Fair. This event would normally take place in the last week of the school year, as a way to round-off their life at King’s before they leave and head to senior school in September.

With the intention of raising as much money as possible for the children’s charity, Brainwave, suggestions for how this might work culminated in the idea of a series of challenges that would be recorded by the pupils for others to watch and predict the outcomes.

The onus was very much on the Year 8 pupils to deliver some fun and exciting challenges, and the school were delighted with the results. The activities ranged from the traditional ‘guess the number of sweets in the jar’ and egg throwing and catching, to the more painful ‘hand in an ice bucket challenge’ and drinking a pint of cold water in as short a time as possible. 

There were also some exciting football ‘keepy uppy’ and skipping competitions, as well some cricket challenges, grape throwing (and catching in the mouth!) and some challenges in which pupils even managed to involve their horses! Perhaps the prize for originality goes to the ‘guess how long the queue at the MacDonald’s drive thru is’ – the answer being very long indeed!

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