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PVS Innovation launches new management information platform

Fleet decision-makers’ optimum use of data to manage vehicles, drivers and journeys is now business-critical and PVS Innovation has launched a new management information platform to help them identify key action areas.

PVS Innovation is a division of the award-winning PVS Group, which provides a cradle-to-grave advisory and management service and was founded by 30-year fleet veteran Marcus Puddy.

Fleet decision-makers are able to access data via bespoke dashboards, which can be set-up for multiple users, to obtain a holistic visual overview of vehicle and driver performance with any discrepancies to the ‘norm’ clearly identified.

Mr Puddy said: “Invariably vehicle-related data provided by contract hire and leasing companies, rental suppliers, maintenance providers and fuel card companies and driver performance information sourced via in-vehicle telematics, driver behaviour tools and accident management organisations are located in individual silos.

“But the new PVS Innovation management information platform provides all the answers to difficult questions relating to fleet operating costs and driver behaviour in one easily accessible location.

“Combining data to view vehicle whole life costs is not new. But what is a breakthrough is providing the ability for fleet decision-makers to view the information in a quick and easy format even when it is being generated by multiple organisations.

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