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One Step Recruitment launches its own job-seekers app

Aimed at active job-seekers, the easy-to-use, free app is designed to make the process of job seeking quicker and easier through easy to navigate Job Sectors, Job Alert, Availability, Job Vacancy and Referral tabs. Users can receive notifications on new jobs, search the full live job database and provide their consultant with their availability times for interview, temp or permanent jobs.

With the employment rate at a record high, that invariably means employee churn – people looking for a new job – is high; some reports state that up to 75% of workers in the UK will view a jobs board or look for jobs at least once a month and the vast majority of these searches will be done on mobile devices.

In light of this, One Step Recruitment has made job seeking a whole lot easier with the app – whether users are registered with One Step and seeking a new career move, or they are just looking for flexible holiday work, the app has got all the bases covered.

For One Step Recruitment’s clients, most importantly, it shows the company is agile and able to provide a modern service for the modern job-seeker. Established recruitment norms have been shattered by the explosion of mobile-based job seeking and social media. However, recruitment has always, and will always, be a relationship first-based job. The app makes this relationship easier, more efficient and quicker.

The app is available from all app stores by searching ‘One Step Recruitment’.

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