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New logo and website as part of rebrand for Dexterous Designs

Dexterous Designs has rebranded and updated the company website and visual branding, including the logo, colour, texture/pattern, typography and assets.

The team and the professional business services offered is ever-growing, so the company wanted to modernise the brand alongside the development.

A spokesman for Dexterous Designs said: “The planning, development, concepts and realisation took months of hard work and we are extremely proud of what has been achieved with our efforts and skills.   

“Going into the rebrand, we wanted to update the logo, while maintaining the familiarity and recognisability of it. We decided on a single colour identifiable logo mark, which is used as a stand-alone identifier of the brand, free from text.”

The new design uses a wider and more vibrant colour scheme – the new brand colours all relate to services, so light blue = websites, mid blue = graphic design etc. 

A typeface was chosen that was clean and readable with excellent legibility and as with all branding projects and re-designs, the key was where the branding would be seen and how it would be used.

The spokesman added: “Considerations around social media, digital and printed marketing materials were all taken, and we received positive feedback on the rebrand.” 

We have had some amazing feedback from long standing clients, and new clients have also found us and noticed that we tried to set ourselves apart from some of the competition and were attracted to us based on the impact of the brand.

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