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Kloeckner Metals achieves an 'excellent' rating for BES 6001 responsible sourcing

Kloeckner Metals UK is pleased to announce that it has achieved the BES 6001 ‘excellent’ rating for its Leeds, Westok, Thurrock and Dudley sites. Assessed by BSI, the BES 6001 certification allows Kloeckner Metals to demonstrate that its products are made with constituent materials that have been responsibly sourced.

The ‘excellent’ rating is an endorsement of Kloeckner’s dedication to continuous improvement of their management processes and environmental and social impact. This achievement puts Kloeckner in the elite group of 8.33% of UK Steel product companies that have successfully managed to raise their responsible sourcing procedures to the highest possible standard.

Kloeckner Metals was previously awarded a ‘good’ rating In July 2021.  Since then, they have implemented ambitious initiatives and rigorous assessments ‘which allowed them to achieve significant improvements in the areas of: Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Energy Use, Waste Prevention, Waste Management, Employment, and Skills, working with Local Communities.  

Peter Whiting, CEO of Kloeckner Metals UK, said: “Responsible sourcing is a key part of Kloeckner’s Sustainability Strategy, and we are incredibly proud that we are among the first companies in the UK to achieve the highest responsible sourcing standard for Steel products. With sustainability being a top priority, this certification reassures our customers that in the process of sourcing high-quality products and service, we act ethically and responsibly.”

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