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Hinkley Point C Community Fund supports specialist courses in Sedgemoor

Following the success of training held earlier this year by the award-winning charity Stand Against Violence, businesses in Sedgemoor will be able to benefit from discounted courses thanks to the continued support and funding received from the Hinkley Point C Community Fund.

Stand Against Violence has years of experience in developing techniques and delivering training in de-escalating situations and preventing negative consequences. Their courses have an upbeat approach that encourages employees to think more positively about themselves, aiming to improve morale, wellbeing and mental health within organisations.

The workshops have been specially designed to tackle problems that can go unnoticed in businesses, leading to employees suffering in silence. Sessions will be run online in a range of formats to suit different businesses. Courses available include:

  • Conflict Resolution – aiming to develop skills to de-escalate and prevent aggression and negative conflict
  • Anti-Bullying – looking specifically at workplace bullying, exploring the forms it can take and its impact on targets

The first workshop on Wednesday, November 18, will be anti-bullying, a course enabling participants to develop skills that can help them manage situations where they encounter bullying or harassment, either directly or indirectly, and empower them to play a role in preventing it, subsequently improving the outcome for the employee, employer and customer.

Hannah Palmer, Training Lead at Stand Against Violence, said: “With our training you are investing in your employees, your organisation and your community. As a charity, profits from our training are reinvested back into our work with young people. Our highly trained teachers aim to reach young people early so they develop the skills and are empowered to make positive social choices to avoid violence and stay safe.”

Discounted tickets for online sessions are available at

For more information about their SAV Business Training contact Hannah Palmer at

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