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Health scare leads to start of new life coaching business

An overwhelming desire to help others, coupled with her own serious health scare, has led to a Somerset woman launching her own coaching business to help organisations and individuals reach their full potential.

Jane Phillips who lives in Wellington, Somerset has set up Jane Phillips Coaching and Feel Better Naturally to offer both coaching and mentoring support to help people get more out of life and to both set and achieve their goals.

A trained nutritionist, as well as an experienced life and executive coach, Jane and her team, offer a wide range of courses, from business planning, motivation coaching to stress workshops, wellbeing checks, and relaxation techniques.

“Major heart surgery in 1990 made me reassess my life and I felt the need to make a difference. I took a career break when my son was born and then worked as a slimming consultant as I had always been interested in nutrition and had struggled with my own weight issues,” said Jane.

“From there I trained as a reflexologist then moved into the charity sector, working as a fundraiser for various charities before becoming a fundraising consultant, helping with strategies and bid-writing and eventually evolving into Jane Phillips Consulting,” she explained.

Jane, who is married with one son, is adamant that to be truly successful – and happy – a balance must be struck between the body, the brain, and nutrition go hand-in-hand.  

Through her work, she aims to help people navigate unwelcome changes and discover long-term holistic solutions through a combination of mentoring and executive coaching.

“I believe that you cannot be happy with your work if you are unhappy with yourself and you cannot be happy with yourself if you are unhappy with work.

“I want to give people the clarity to make the right decisions and to find their own, individually-tailored, long-term solutions so they can feel better naturally and succeed,” Jane said.

With the ongoing pandemic, Jane is offering her services virtually via Zoom, while her website and Facebook page features blogs and podcasts, as well as information about strategic planning, financial sustainability, training courses, and mentoring services.

Jane is also offering a free, initial 30-minute consultation to help you start the journey towards a happier and more successful future.

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