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Genius PR & Events moves into new office in Taunton town centre

Founded in 2013 by Trish Caller, Genius PR & Events, has recently moved to a new office after outgrowing its old base – in Trish’s loft!

Genius PR & Events started out as Taunton Comedy Festival with a huge marquee in the grounds of Taunton School. Following its success, Genius was born and Trish began booking and promoting shows at more and more venues across Taunton and then expanded further afield to other towns and villages in Somerset.

Just before Christmas, an opportunity came up to take space in an exciting co-working office where independent, digital and creative individuals and businesses work alongside each other.

Trish said: “Moving to my new office has been fantastic for business. Working in a creative environment is energising – I am more productive and focussed. I can focus on my own business and really get things done.

“At the same time, I have company from like-minded businesses and I can bounce ideas off them! I was getting a bit lonely in the loft with only the cat for company, but here I feel supported and I’m really happy in my new office.”

One of Trish’s co-working colleagues, Tim Baigent from Glyder Graphics, has also given Genius PR & Events a bit of a musical boost.

“Tim heard me mentioning I would love to have a Genius piece of unique music to use as walk-on music for my comedy shows. He shared a piece of music with me from his collection of tracks written for his own bank Palooka 5. It was absolutely perfect!” Trish said.

More information about Genius PR & Events is available online at

“If you work alone and would love to work in a space like this, I can’t recommend it enough!” said Trish.

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