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Footfall Engineering Ltd lights up Marlborough College

Footfall Engineering has helped to light up historic Marlborough College after being asked to find a way to illuminate the impressive main entrance to the college’s Memorial Hall without causing light pollution.

The Footfall team measured the areas to be illuminated and supplied the school with lighting simulations to achieve the required lux levels, including an LED handrail to light-up a stone plaque of the school’s alumni.

“We used our F48 modules and are confident that these LED handrails would deliver years of trouble-free service. Not only because of their impressive performance but also with their 20-year provenance of illuminating rail stations, airports, ski resorts, colleges, and universities,” said Fee Bellamy, Operations Manager at Footfall Engineering.

“Designed and manufactured by ourselves, they are constantly updated with the latest advances in LED technology. Tested by the UK’s leading laboratories to meet all relevant standards and, critically, tested within our own stainless-steel handrails to ensure a perfect fit and complete traceability. Quality Control is overseen by our UKAS ISO 9001-2015 approvals as well as specific industry applicable standards,” she added.

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