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CQI Honorary Award for David

David Hutchins, Chairman and Principal of David Hutchins International, has been presented with the CQI Honorary Award by the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI).

David has been a member of the CQI for 50 years and won the award for his continuous contribution to the evolution of quality. The award recognises those who have moved the quality professions or the quality discipline forward over a number of years.

Ian Mitchell, Chairman of the CQI Board of Trustees and Quality and Business Improvement Director of Network Rail, said: “This year’s recipient has been a passionate advocate, educator, author and speaker globally, and an active member of the CQI for 50 years.

“In the 1980s, David was a key contributor to the deployment of the UK Government’s competitiveness policy, supporting the design and implementation of what would become ISO 9001 and the global accredited certification system.

“During this period he also brought global quality management thinking to the UK, organising visits by famous luminaries from Professor Ishikawa to Dr Juran, as well as reciprocal industrial visits to Japan.

“He has captured and extended this thinking in numerous books from Quality Circles, to TQM to Hoshin Kanri.

“On the broader global stage, he has also supported the quality movement in the Indian subcontinent and Africa and continues to speak at quality events worldwide, while remaining the sole UK member for the International Academy for Quality.”

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