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Confident Communication Skills Training becomes Dovetail Training

In celebration of 20 years in business, Candida Bowman Confident Communication Skills Training is now renamed as Dovetail Training.

Training consultant Candy Bowman said the new name was chosen in tribute to the beauty and effectiveness of dovetail joints which perfectly connect two pieces of solid material without external resources such as nails or glue.

She said dovetail joints provided durable, robust strength and had a classic, timeless quality. There were examples found in furniture within tombs of Egyptian mummies from around 3,100 BC.

She said: “The way this translates to our training is in the overall objective to help participants form and deliver the most effective messages that perfectly fit both the circumstances and people with whom they are communicating.”

Candy’s business philosophy is that life’s too short to be miserable at work. Also, that organisations thrive through repeat and recommended business. From a personnel perspective, positive development is more likely to be achieved by people who are happy in their working life. Dovetail Confident Communication Skills Training courses aim to help fulfil these dual criteria. The approach is encapsulated in the registered trademark – Putting a Smile on the Customer Interface

Course subjects are relevant across different roles within an organisation and cluster into four areas – improving confident communication; successful presentation skills;  management and leadership; client and customer communications. Training is facilitated either in person or via video conferencing. In addition to one, two, and half-day courses, there are also three ‘bite sized’ sessions of 60, 90 and 120 minutes.

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