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Community lender gives a record £1.6 million to homeowners

COMMUNITY lender Wessex Resolutions CIC has helped hundreds of people across the South West live in safer, warmer and more comfortable homes after lending a record £1.6 million to homeowners to carry out essential repairs and improvements.

Based in Bradford-on-Tone, near Taunton, Wessex Resolutions is a not-for-profit charitable organisation which works with 18 local councils in the South West to provide sensible lending to those in need.

Despite having just nine people in the Wessex team, they set themselves the challenging target of lending £1.5 million to eligible homeowners in this financial year, having lent £1.2 million in 2018-19.

And despite the restrictions imposed on the team as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the team has given loans totaling £1,644,909 in the last financial year which ended on 30 April 2020.

Wessex Resolutions’ loans are not based on an individual’s credit score and are designed to be affordable for everyone from existing homeowners, first-time buyers, park home-owners, landlords and those trying to bring empty properties back into use.

The Community Interest Company uses a sustainable funding stream, in partnership with councils, to improve the quality of homes throughout the South West and has already ‘recycled’ more than £5 million in loans which will help support future clients.

Emma Lower, Chief Executive of Wessex Resolutions CIC, said: “I want to say a huge and heartfelt thank you to all 18 of our council partners across the West of England and the South West for enabling their funds to be used in this way.

“It’s a really unique model where we absolutely put our clients first and find a solution to their needs, as we’re a social enterprise, we put people before profit. But most of all, thank you to everyone who has borrowed from Wessex Resolutions and chosen and trusted us to help them improve their homes, particularly accessing our services remotely as we continue to operate and serve our clients through means of remote working since the end of March.”

The youngest borrower during the year was 22 years old, while the oldest was aged 89 years. Boiler purchases are the most popular reason for people to take out a loan, followed by roof repairs or insulation. One borrower, ‘Mrs L’ from Wellington, used a loan to install the first ever insulation in the roof space of her 115-year-old lath and plaster property.

She said: “I feel very relieved now I have been able to have the work done after eight years living in the house. Already it is considerably warmer than previous winters. I’m expecting to save on energy bills right away, especially with me staying at home more than I would usually, because of the Coronavirus.

“The low interest loan makes repairs and improvements affordable, which means your property doesn’t have to keep deteriorating because of lack of funds! I feel so thankful I’ve got the loan and been able to have the work done with no stress and worry about money.”

More information about Wessex Resolutions CIC is available by telephoning 01823 461099 or by emailing

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