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Claims Consortium supports staff to gain Neurodiversity Aware Awards

Alicia Hodges Assoc CIPD and Laura Fletcher from Claims Consortium Group have completed the Neurodiversity Aware Award (Individual). This is part of an ongoing company initiative to promote an inclusive and diverse workplace for all employees.

Every workplace has neuro-diverse employees and the bigger the business, the more neurodivergent individuals there will be. Businesses not only have an obligation to support these employees but will also quickly see the benefit of helping them reach their full potential.  

Neurodiversity is a subject close to the heart of CEO and Founder of Claims Consortium, Jeremy Hyams who said: “I am passionate about cultivating and supporting a neuro-diverse workforce across the business.

“As someone who has dyslexia, I often approach problems from a different angle and bring different solutions to the table. This is a valuable asset and one I am keen to nurture in any of my employees as well as providing them with the best support to do their jobs effectively.”

Putting people first is key to addressing the issue. Janette Beetham, Founder of Dyslexia Champions and Founding Director of Right Resources, said: “If employers want to attract, engage and retain these individuals, many of whom are known to have key strengths which can be extremely valuable to business, it is essential that key staff receive appropriate training.

“Many organisations wrongly make assumptions about what these individuals may need; however, it is important to appreciate that each one is an individual, and their challenges will be unique to them.”

She said a person-centred approach was essential, as was awareness and information infrastructure which encouraged and enabled people to access appropriate specialist support if or when they needed it.

“It has been my pleasure to work with staff at Claims Consortium Group and would like to congratulate Lissie and Laura on successful completion of the Neurodiversity Aware Award, and I would also commend their CEO Jeremy Hyams on being a visionary leader who recognises the benefits of supporting a neuro-diverse workforce and appreciates the benefits this can bring to both staff and the business,” she added.

Alicia said: “I have found the course incredibly beneficial in terms of my overall understanding of Neurodivergent conditions and how important it is as an employer to treat everyone as an individual. Going forward, this qualification is a great foundation to build more awareness into our company culture. Janette and Amanda have been fantastic throughout, incredibly supportive with a clear passion for changing perceptions.”

All Claims Consortium computers have Read and Write Gold available which is a software specifically designed to support the needs of neurodiverse workers. Upskilling key people and culture employees is just one part of a holistic wellbeing strategy that is being implemented across the group whose values centre around caring for their people.

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