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Changes to fee for ‘drop & go’ car park for Blue Badge holders

After customer feedback and the recent meeting of the disability forum. Changes to the tariff and stay duration for Blue Badge holders for the ‘drop & go’ car park at Bristol Airport will be introduced from Tuesday, May 2, 2023; all other car parks and tariffs will remain the same.

The current process has required customers to attend the special assistance desk in the terminal and obtain an exit pass to leave the car park within a 30-minutes time allocation.  This has caused challenges for some customers and delays on exiting the car park. 

After customer enhancements to the area, investment in technology to recognise Blue Badges within the exit barrier equipment and to align with other car parks on site, a new process will be introduced.

Blue Badge holders will be able to drive directly to the exit barrier and scan their Blue Badge (showing the bar code on the reverse side of Blue Badge) and receive 40 minutes parking for a reduced fee of £5.  This will save time, inconvenience and stress to customers by providing an easy system without the need of accessing the terminal.  A help button is available on all exit barriers, with assistance available 24 hours a day, seven days a week if customers have issues on exiting the car park.

Family and friends who are dropping off customers with a Blue Badge, will still be able to use the drop & go car park by scanning the Blue Badge on exit at the barrier and benefiting from the 40 minutes stay duration for £5.  If the Blue Badge holder needs to take the Blue Badge away with them on their travels, a copy of the Blue Badge will need to be retained by the vehicle driver and the details of the Blue Badge provided at the exit barrier to allow the reduction in fee.

Andy Wright, Founder and CEO, Accessible Travel Consultancy Services, said: “I am delighted to learn that Bristol Airport, having listened to the feedback from the disabled community, have now decided to revise their ‘drop & go’ parking tariffs and policy.

“The old system which required Blue Badge holders to visit the special assistance desk within the terminal, where they would present their badge in person before collecting an exit pass had to take place within 30 minutes and could be quite a challenge for many wheelchair users to comply with.

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