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Bristol Airport stocks Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Aircraft using Bristol Airport will be able to use Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) as the result of a partnership between Bristol-based aviation business Centreline AV Limited and Air bp.

SAF will reduce aircraft lifecycle carbon emissions by around 80% compared to the traditional jet fuel it replaces. The fuel is blended with traditional Jet A1 meaning there is no difference in aircraft ground handling requirements or fuel efficiency for the aircraft.

Centreline is the first non-network user and independent retailer of SAF in the UK. The fuel’s journey to Bristol Airport will also be carbon offset by Air bp.

Simon Earles, Sustainability and Corporate Affairs Director at Bristol Airport commented, “We are delighted Centreline has partnered with Air bp to bring sustainable aviation fuel into Bristol Airport. We welcome their leadership and are committed to working with our airlines and other partners to accelerate our journey towards Net Zero.”

With aviation currently accounting for 2% to 3% of manmade global carbon emissions, Air bp was the first fuel supplier to have into-plane fueling operations certified as carbon neutral and were involved in fueling the first SAF flight by an airline in February 2008.

Richard Morrison, of Centreline added: “We are pleased to now offer SAF for retail at Centreline. As SAF is blended with fossil jet fuel and does not require special equipment changes, it is a clean substitute that reduces the impact of air travel. With the same characteristics and specifications as fossil jet fuel, we are pleased to offer an efficient lower carbon alternative to our customers.”

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