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Behind the Lens at Blue Planet II

It was four years in the making, involved spending over 6,000 hours underwater, and generated over a million (feet) of diving depth; just a small indication of the herculean effort that went into making BLUE PLANET II, the BBC’s latest flagship, natural history series.

Heralded as a wake-up call for us all, BLUE PLANET II made film stars of the oceans’ most rare and magnificent creatures, whilst highlighting the impact of human activity on our world’s precious, maritime ecosystem.

On 8th February, BBC Natural History Producer Jonathan Smith, will give a behind the lens account of the making of one of the greatest documentary series in a generation. In an evening event at cultural venue, HOST, in the heart of Somerset, he will give a first hand account of life in the field: What is it like, waiting hundreds of hours for one single shot? How do you get up close and personal with a walrus? And how is technology revolutionizing the images we can now capture in the underwater realm?

“Working alongside the giants of our oceans is a privilege”, he says.

“What this production highlights is just how quickly camera technology is evolving and our understanding of marine life along with it. Our team were able to capture scenes later in the production cycle, which were completely impossible to film when we began. For example the bioluminescent display which featured in episode 1, of millions of microscopic plankton erupting in light as hundreds of mobula rays swim through them. It is like an incredible, underwater firework display which wouldn’t have been possible to film even two years ago, let alone sixteen years ago, when the first series aired.”


To meet Jonathan and book a place please go to:

For further information please email Charlotte Jarvis at or call: 01823 461311

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