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Be Astute joins forces with digital firm

Be Astute has announced a new partnership with Snook Digital, a creative digital marketing company specialising in e-commerce, website optimisation, and process improvement.

Bill Stock of Be Astute, has worked with Snook Digital for the past two years and said it was a natural decision to formalise the partnership.

Bill and his wife Julia are business-focused IT specialists: “This partnership means that we can offer clients more services than ever, allowing businesses to grow in ways that they did not even think were possible without our help,” said Julia.

Snook Digital build fast, intricate sites, with years of experience in software development, testing, real-world customer experience, transforming a business’s front-end and enhancing their back-end process.

Whilst Snook Digital specialise in digital marketing, Bill is an expert in databases with the ability to see a business’s IT and data needs. He believes that better data means better business and is looking forward to the new collaboration.

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