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Airhead Animation and Vibe Telecom work together

New Somerset Chamber of Commerce members Vibe Telecom were looking to update their website with and explainer animation so asked the Chamber if they knew of a fellow member who could help.  Having contacted and met with Sam at Airhead Animation, a few outline ideas were discussed before a script was developed and the animation process was started.

Richard from Vibe Telecom commented, “ we had no idea where to begin looking so the help Alistair from the Chamber provided, by putting us in touch with someone local, was really appreciated.”

Sam from Airhead Animation said “Richard had a very clear vision of what he wanted, with a very tight budget for it. Being a fellow Chamber Member, I was keen to find a way to deliver what was needed quickly, with something that was both effective and affordable.”

Matt from Vibe Telecom reported that, “ throughout the whole process from initial discussion, to creating and delivering the actual goods, Sam from Airhead Animation was professional in every sense of the word.”

Richard added that, “ I personally feel that this is an outstanding example of the added value our membership of the Chamber provides. It has enabled two local businesses to be introduced, meet, and do business together with a very successful outcome for each.”

The animated video produced by Airhead Animation can be viewed on the home page of the new Vibe Telecom website. 

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