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1TcA’s ‘Educate To Protect’ programme extends beyond UK

This spring and summer 1TcA, the ethically and environmentally committed distributor of British made safety solutions, is extending the reach and impact of its vision – ‘Educate to Protect’ – via a three-stage programme within India, Kenya and Ethiopia.

1TcA is setting up working partnerships with established charitable organisations who are already actively engaged and helping within their local communities at street level within these countries.

The three-stage programme includes:

Food – short-term donations to allow food parcel distribution to those currently in most need as a result of the impact of COVID-19.  Utilising the knowledge of the locally based partner charitable organisations, these donations aim to be a handout for a hand up, rather than encourage long term dependency.

Protection – 1TcA is initially donating £100,000 worth of their reusable and protective face coverings for the most vulnerable people  via their local trusted partners.  

Education For students and for mothers:

  • For students: Using the Student Ambassador Programme which was recently trialled in schools in the UK to promote environmental stewardship through education, 1TcA is extending this to schools within India, Kenya and Ethiopia.   Students and student ambassadors will learn about environmental accountability and the real-world application of protection, science and technology as an example of solving world-wide problems.    Schools will also be able to use and adapt the 1TcA self-publishing book initiative as a means of creatively expressing their own problem-solving ideas and potentially raise school funds through sales.  
  • For mothers:   1TcA is setting up a Mothernomics Programme to help educate mothers to enable them to have self-sufficiency without dependency.  This end-to-end support programme will give vulnerable mums the choice, means and opportunity to earn and become independent. This programme enables 1TcA’s financial support to be far reaching and long-lasting.  

India, Kenya ,Ethiopia are just the starting countries of this new extension of the Educate to Protect campaign.  New partnerships are also currently being developed with organisations in Malawi, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Myanmar, Zambia and Paraguay.

1TcA donates all its net profits to charitable causes across the globe.  The two founding members of the social enterprise organisation are mothers on a mission to invite other mothers to unite for the benefit of humanity.

To find out more, help with support or sponsorship please visit: or email:

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