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Somerset Education Business Partnership completes team

In June 2018, Rachel Burrell commenced as Education Business Partnership Coordinator. The Somerset Education Business Partnership is a new project aiming to increase collaboration between Somerset educational providers and employers. The partnership will provide a directory of local and national Work Related Learning (WRL) opportunities, guides for employers wishing to work with young people and develop strategies for employers targeting recruitment campaigns at young people.

Since her arrival, the partnership has commissioned their branding – including a new logo. Rachel has begun developing a communications plan, social media pages and website for the project which will be hosting an official launch event in October 2018.

Rachel is also researching successful and effective solutions to real-world issues faced by employers regarding collaboration with schools and recruiting appropriately skilled and committed young people.

Rachel explains why she was keen to join the partnership:

“Having worked in the education and training sector for nearly a decade, I was very excited to join the Somerset Education Partnership as, in business, I have experienced recruitment and retention challenges and during my time working at a school I witnessed frustrated young people finding their way into work challenging and overwhelming. Through encouraging engagement, communication and effective work related learning schemes, I believe Somerset Education Business Partnership can help both businesses and young people to thrive.”

Receive the latest Education Business Partnership news and updates via Facebook or Twitter @SomersetEBP. Alternatively, please get in touch with Rachel for more information.


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