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No matter whether you are an individual or a business running a fleet of vehicles, you may be tired of dealing with the unforeseen costs associated with collision damage, unfair wear and tear, and poor fuel economy caused by driver and rider behaviour? At Approach Training for Safety, we have developed a revolutionary training program to address these issues head-on and improve the performance of your drivers and riders.
Our Enhanced Driver and Rider schemes are specifically designed to provide specialized training for fleet car drivers, trailer towing, and motorcycle riders. We understand that each area requires unique skills, and by identifying specific areas for development, we can provide the right training to enhance performance and reduce fleet costs. Businesses have already benefited from our proven methods, experiencing enhanced safety, minimized on-road incidents, and improved overall efficiency.
One of the key highlights of our training program is the provision of real-time feedback to drivers and riders. By encouraging them to adopt a gentler driving style, we help significantly reduce the risk of accidents and the associated costs. Our team provides immediate feedback, allowing your drivers and riders to make necessary adjustments and improve their skills right on the spot.
Our Enhanced Motorcycle Training session is a game-changer for riders. We delve deep into the major influences behind rider behaviour and offer practical solutions to the most common causes of collisions. With our experienced instructors observing your riding style, you’ll receive realistic feedback to become a safer rider, it doesn’t stop there! Our comprehensive training covers on-road sessions and includes valuable tips on managing collision scenes and even Immediate Emergency First Aid training.
Upon completing our training program, your drivers and riders will be awarded a certificate of attendance, validating their commitment to safety and skill enhancement. This certification becomes a valuable asset for your business, showcasing your dedication to promoting safe driving and riding practices.
Investing in our training program yields significant benefits. You can expect a substantial reduction in collision-related costs, minimized vehicle downtime, and lower fuel expenses. What’s more, your drivers and riders will develop skills tailored to your business needs, ensuring improved safety and efficiency on the road.
Don’t let unpredictable costs hinder your fleet’s performance any longer. Choose Approach Training for Safety and witness the transformation in driver and rider behaviour. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward a safer and more cost-effective fleet that will drive your business to new heights.


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