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Most team sports have a set number of players in the team, and there are certain specialist positions to fill such as scrum half, goal attack or centre forward, with some individuals who can play in more than one position.

There are substitutes in football or replacements in rugby or netball who enter the game for change of tactic or due to injury, and in cricket there is the 12th Man who can only substitute for an injured fielder.

What about your business? Is your team complete? How does it evolve and grow and what are the challenges that changes to the team create?

The Somerset Chamber has seen 12 months of personnel changes with everyone, with my exception, either taking on a new role or joining the Chamber in an existing or new role that we have created as result of the fantastic growth in membership and other business activities that we have witnessed.

Now, it’s hard to say if the team is complete, but it is starting to feel like it. What I do know is that we have recruited some talented and charismatic individuals, and built a very cohesive and committed team who support our members’ aspirations as well as deliver successful projects that we know will support the wider Somerset business community – and all with a smile on their faces!

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Somerset Chamber represents and works collaboratively with the Somerset business community to encourage strong, sustainable and creative alliances that promote members’ businesses, raise the profile of the county, and help to lobby for greater influence for Somerset at all levels of government.

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Contact: Mr Jean-Philippe Blot T: 0033 (0)233 010 867 W: https://www.aiex.eu

Marcom (Marketing Communications) Ltd

Contact: Mr Mark Baines T: 01225 481734 W: www.mar-com.net

First One On

Contact: Mr Peter Bowen T: 01173 706381 W: www.firstoneon.com/

Sunbeams Nursery Ltd

Contact: Mr Trevor Boardman T:  01278 446919 W: 

Tee Time Catering Ltd

Contact: Mr Andy Jones T: 01749 841700 W: www.teetimecatering.co.uk/

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